Aran Woollen Mills

Sailing Boat Knit Throw


■ Manufactured from 100% Merino Wool, with an exquisite, cozy and soft touch, giving you comfort and warmth from the biting cold weather
■ A product of the magnificent, renown and leading Carraig Donn, a household garment manufacturing firm located in Ireland

■ The design and style of the throw employs the use of amazing, intricate and genuine traditional Irish patterns with sailboat knit design accent

■ The throw features beautiful decorative graphic sailboat and anchor border that stands out, giving the blanket a unique look

■ Comes in dimensions of 62 inches in length and 42 inches in width, large enough to cover your seats or throw it over your self to beat the cold

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Add glamour and a touch of class in your home decor by redefining the arrangement and the general outlook this winter season. Transforming your living space into a lively, cozy, warm, and comfortable for the cold season is both charming and welcoming. Knowing the essential extra items to add to your home decor will ensure that you get your guests entertained, thrilled, and comfortable irrespective of the prevailing extreme cold conditions. One of the most transformative, attractive and warm home decor items for the winter season is a knit throw. Bring an Irish charm and tradition to your relaxing home décor with our stunning and adorable Merino Wool Sailing Boat Knit Throw.

Our lovely throw is not just an everyday blanket but is a piece of Irish culture and vast traditional heritage. Consider adding our beautiful outstanding throw to your home to brighten up your living space, bring warmth, and a sophisticated charm into your home. The blanket can also perfectly serve as the ultimate surprise gift to your friends or loved ones, irrespective of the occasion.
Our cozy Sailing Boat Knit Throw is a product of the prestigious and renowned garment manufacturing company with Irish roots, a pride of Ireland. The magnificent firm has for decades now, built a name for itself, not only in Ireland but across Europe and all over the world. The company has a history of embracing the Irish heritage in the design and style of their products, from the material used and the intrinsic patterns.

The blanket is fashioned out of the soft, super-cozy Merino Wool that is cozy and luxurious to touch, breathable and durable, keeping you warm and comfortable through the cold season. Our beautiful throw features lovely Irish traditional Aran patterns, the intricate latticework of honeycomb models. The fantastic designs have a deep Irish connection, representing the strong worker bees of the Aran Islands of Ireland. Accenting this lovely honeycomb design is a finely knit sailboat in the center of the throw, as well as a decorative graphic border featuring adorable blue sailboats and anchors floating above the blue wave of the sea.

Every aspect of the throw speaks of the dedication, skill, and professionalism employed by the Carraig Donn craftsmen. From the classy design, unique and outstanding traditional Irish patterns to the stylish finishing, our throw is the ultimate addition to your home décor.