Patchwork Connemara Green Wool Blanket


■ Our Patchwork Intarsia Wool Blanket makes an interior design statement and measures 66 inches by 42 inches.
■ Alternating squares of knit kelly and forest green add an Irish pop of color to any room.
■ The intarsia throw is made in Ireland by Saol of 100% Merino wool, which is wonderfully soft and warm.
■ The cabled design in the patchwork squares honors Irish knitting tradition and the famous Aran fisherman sweater.



This lovely green Patchwork Intarsia Wool Blanket adds a vibrant touch of the Emerald Isle to any room! The checkered intarsia throw is made in Ireland by Saol, a modern knits company that translates classic Irish sweater patterns and designs into contemporary garments and housewares.

The cabled designs that decorate the wool throw are a detailed tribute to the generations of knitters from Ireland’s Aran Islands, who create the classic fisherman sweaters for which Ireland is easily recognized. The cables add texture and meaning to the throw—the cables are thought to represent the ropes that fisherman used on their boats, and when knit on the sweaters, would grant the wearer safety and luck. Alternating squares of kelly green and forest green yarn add depth and elegance to this beautiful blanket.

Knit from 100% Merino wool, the cheerfully colored throw is equally soft and cozy for the cold winter days, and will add warmth to your living room or bedroom. It’s even a great accessory for an outdoor sporting event or tailgate. The larger size, 66 inches by 42 inches makes it a statement piece as well as a winter warmer. To keep your little bit of the Emerald Isle looking new, we strongly suggest washing only by hand in lukewarm water and using a gentle detergent. Lay flat.