Merino Wool Heart Aran Throw


■ Our Natural Merino Wool Heart Knit Throw is an authentic Irish Aran product.
■ Crafted of 100% Merino wool, our throw is equally warm and luxuriously soft.
■ The natural white color makes this elegant blanket an instant classic and a perfect accent to any home decor style.
■ The cabled heart pattern honors Irish sweater-making tradition and will be an ideal housewarming, wedding, or engagement gift.
■ Measures: 67" x 49"


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A lovely housewarming or wedding gift, our Natural Merino Wool Heart Knit Throw is inspired by classic Irish knits. Irish knitwear tradition goes back over a century to the Irish Aran Islands, where the fisherman began knitting and wearing very thick and patterned sweaters made of local sheep’s wool. The yarn contained lanolin from the sheep, which was an oily substance that made the tightly knit sweaters repel water, a must when out on the high seas. The intricate knit patterns added texture, but also warmth. Many believe that the different patterns also had different meanings intended to bring luck to the wearers.

All of the classic Aran sweaters were natural creamy white, as the Islanders did not bother with dyeing the yarn before knitting. Our lovely knit throw pays homage to this elegance and simplicity with its natural color, which goes beautifully with any room’s color scheme. The main pattern of the throw is decorated with a pretty heart pattern that honors the original sweaters while celebrating friendship and marriage. To offset the linked chains of hearts, simple cabling runs down the length of the blanket. At 67 by 49 inches, the cozy blanket is perfect for throwing over the couch or a bedspread. Our throw is made of 100% Merino wool by Saol, a leading Irish knits company.