Dara Merino Wool Aran Throw


■ Aran throw made from 100% Merino wool for comfort, heat- insulation, and warmth.

■ Features an intricate design with meaningful Aran diamond, cable, basket, and moss stitches

■ Measuring a spacious 67"" x 44"", this throw is perfect for wrapping yourself in comfort

■ Makes the ideal Irish gift, embodying tradition, artistry, and snugness 



Indulge in the knitting heritage of Ireland with our Dara Merino Wool Aran Throw! This piece is crafted from the finest 100% Merino Irish Wool. Renowned for its exceptional comfort, insulation properties, and unparalleled warmth, this material promises a cozy embrace and also a touch of luxury to your living space. The intricate design of the throw showcases traditional Aran knitting techniques, featuring diamond, cable, basket, and moss stitches. Each stitch embodies profound meanings deeply rooted in Ireland's rich culture and scenic landscapes, adding layers of significance to this exquisite piece. The diamond stitch symbolizes wealth and success, reflecting the fruitful endeavors of Irish farmers and the hope for a prosperous future. The cable stitch represents the intertwining paths of life and the wish for good fortune. The basket stitch symbolizes the fisherman's baskets and hopes for a bountiful catch, reflecting the importance of the fishing industry in Ireland. The moss stitch, resembling the greenery that covers the Irish rocky landscapes, symbolizes nature's resilience and the enduring spirit of the Irish people. Measuring a spacious 67" x 44", this throw is more than an accessory; it's a statement of Irish craftsmanship! Beyond its practicality, this Irish throw serves as an ideal Irish gift for friends and family, embodying tradition, artistry, and snugness!