Merino Wool Heavy Cable Knit Throw


■ Our Irish-made Merino Wool Heavy Cable Knit Throw is 62 by 42 inches and knit from 100% Merino wool.
■ The intricate patterns of the throw are a tribute to Aran fisherman sweaters and classic Irish design.
■ To keep your blanket looking fresh, hand wash using a gentle clothing soap and lukewarm water.



Want a little piece of Ireland in your home? Our Merino Wool Heavy Cable Knit Throw is the perfect piece. The lovely blanket features different knitting patterns that add striking detail and texture. When the Aran Islanders began knitting their iconic sweaters in the late 19th century, they added thick patterns to the garments to add weight and warmth, but the patterns were not just practical. The different designs were also said to have distinct meanings. The lovely patterns that appear on our throw are no exception. The diamonds represent a hope for wealth. The braided cables are a stand in for the ropes that the fisherman used out on their boats. The honeycomb pattern represented the bees and their hardworking nature, and the zig-zags, the steep and treacherous cliffs of the Aran Islands.

Our throw is knit of 100% Merino wool by Saol, a leading knits company based in Ireland. The Merino has all the warmth of the original Aran sweaters, but none of the itchiness—our throw is luxuriously soft and wonderfully cozy for those cold nights by the fireplace.