Merino Wool King Cable Throw


■ Knit from 100% Merino Wool, one of the softest and most durable
natural materials you can find

■ The wool has been pre-washed, dried, and carefully pressed to prevent
shrinkage due to washing

■ The design beautifully showcases the traditional diamond and cable
Aran stitching patterns

■ The throw measures 92 by 78 inches, making it the perfect size to
accommodate a king-size bed

■ This gorgeous throw was made in Ireland by SAOL, a company that
produces authentic Irish knitwear


Curl up in our lovely, luxurious super soft throw knit from one of the earth's softest known materials - Merino wool. Merino wool is not only incredibly soft but also exceptionally warm and durable. This throw features a gorgeous patchwork medley made up of repeating triple cable and single cable classic Aran patterns. The cable knit pattern is said to represent the ropes of the fishermen of the Aran Islands and the promise of a good catch and good fortune. It also features diamond patterns, a symbol that reminds one of the fields in the Aran Islands, and represents the farmers’ wish for wealth and prosperity. Thanks to its authentic design, our merino wool throw blanket instantly adds a cozy, homey Irish feel to any room. The large size ensures that the throw fits comfortably over a king-size bed, or as a sofa accent. To clean the throw, we recommend washing it by hand with mild detergent and drying it on a flat surface for the best long-term results.