Natural Merino Wool Shamrock Throw


■ Our Natural Merino Wool Shamrock Throw makes the perfect blanket for your couch or to layer with your bedspread for extra chilly nights.
■ The natural white color is reminiscent of Aran Island fisherman sweaters, where the undyed knits were always white.
■ The diamond pattern represents wealth, and the shamrock in the center and the ones that decorate the edge in green are a representation of Ireland’s national symbol.
■ Our throw is knit from 100% Merino wool, which ensures softness and warmth.

■ Measures: 68" x 45". Hand wash only.


Add a bit of Ireland to your home by decorating with our Natural Merino Wool Shamrock Throw. The lovely knit blanket honors two iconic aspects of the Emerald Isle: the shamrock and the Aran sweater.

The shamrock has been Ireland’s unofficial emblem since Christianity came to the island; Saint Patrick is said to have used the three-leaf clover to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish. Since then, the image has become associated with Irish rebellion against England, and today, of course, it decorates Saint Patrick’s Day paraphernalia worldwide. The Aran sweater is no less important, but its history is a little shorter. In the 1890s, Aran Islanders began knitting and wearing heavy, intricately-knit sweaters made of undyed local sheep’s wool. The thick sweaters kept fisherman warm and dry while working out on the Atlantic Ocean. The cream color and intricate knitting on our gorgeous throw hearken back to those original sweaters, which were always natural white, and the different knit patterns had different meanings. The dramatic diamond knit shape that decorates our cozy throw would have been considered a prayer for wealth.

In the center of the blanket there is a shamrock patterned from a cable knit, and green knit shamrocks decorate the borders. 100% Merino wool construction makes this throw a warm, soft, and durable household classic for generations to come.