Ladies Merino Wool Hat with Green Shamrocks


■ The hat is another exceptional product from the magnificent and prestigious SAOL knitwear, a household name in Ireland and is part of the unique and new St. Patrick Collection
■ The scarf is a product of the 100% Merino Wool that offers luxurious and elegant texture and guarantees you warmth and comfort from the biting cold
■ The unique designs, woven cables and diamonds, featuring on the hat are of the traditional Aran origin, an Irish heritage that has been around for centuries
■ The shamrock design that features elaborately in the hat has a lot of traditional and religious significance to the Irish people, giving it an authentic look
■ A fun pom pom adorning the top of the art is a classic bit of design giving the hat a cheeky, classy and stylish appearance



Maintaining a sleek, chic and stylish look, especially during the cold season can be a challenge, especially when trying to be being comfortable from the chilly weather. One of the accessories that you can never go wrong with is the Ladies Merino Wool Hat with Green Shamrocks. The gorgeous piece is an embodiment of the Irish cultures and traditions, a result of magnificent artistic knit work from the prestigious SAOL knitwear. SAOL is a household name in the knitwear industry in Ireland, churning out amazing brands that have ensured it is a trailblazing manufacturer.

The lovely Merino Wool Hat is the perfect piece to rock, the ideal suit for St. Patrick's Day celebrations. The piece is knit from 100% —Super-cozy, soft and luxurious Merino wool that gives it an elegant touch. The pre-treated wool’s smooth texture guarantees you comfort as you keep the cold at bay.

The design of the hat features elaborate and exquisite Aran Patterns from the remote Aran Island of Ireland. The signature patterns are part of the rich and vast Irish heritage and have been around for centuries now. The beautiful models feature on the traditional Aran fishermen sweaters, sheltering them from the cold when they are out on their fishing expeditions. The patterns have a cultural significance, symbolizing good tidings, success and hope.

The shamrock flower endowed in the hat’s design has a massive traditional and religious significance to the Irish. Legend has it that St. Patrick himself used the shamrock to signify the holy trinity during the early Christian days. Donning this Shamrock hat during St. Patrick's Day is an excellent way of celebrating the momentous occasion.