Men's Aran Merino Wool Cable Knit Hat


■ The hat is produced by the prestigious and Ireland's leading manufacturing firm, SAOL, and is part of their exclusive and new St Patrick Collection
■ The hat comes endowed with the cable design, which is part of traditional Aran patterns, giving it an authentic and unique Irish connection and touch
■ The lovely hat comes in four distinct and amazingly vibrant colors which are charcoal, green, navy, and natural, allowing you to settle on your preferred color to accessorize
■ The hat is churned out from the 100% Merino wool that is pre-treated for longevity and has a super soft, luxurious and elegant texture for your comfort and warmth
■ One size fits all, meaning that you can pick any piece of the marvelous hat and it will be a perfect fit for you



One of the challenges that the cold, chilly season comes with is how to accessorize, keep warm while maintaining a classy look comfortably. The most significant outfit during the cold weather is the hat, which is suitable either for an outdoor or indoor experience. If you are looking for the ultimate headgear to keep stylish and warm through this festive season, then the Men's Aran Merino Wool Cable Knit Hat is your perfect choice. The magnificent hat is another sensational product from the remarkable, trendy, and trailblazing Irish manufacturing firm, SAOL Knitwear. The firm, in production for years now, has established a name for itself as a leader in the manufacture of outstanding products, with this fantastic hat, not an exception.

The hat is churned out of the 100% Merino wool, one of its kinds in the region. The yarn, which is pre-heated to prolong its longevity, has a super excellent texture and a smooth and soft touch, guaranteeing your comfort and warmth from the slithering cold. The wool also holds the hat's shape and keeps the super-soft feel of the yarn, wear after wear.

The magnificent hat comes with elaborate, exquisite, and unique Cable Knit patterns, which are part of the traditional Aran designs. The patterns, in existence for over a century now, are the perfect way of paying homage to the vast and rich Irish traditions and culture. The models initially featured on the sweaters of fishermen and entirely insulated them against the Atlantic breeze when out on their fishing expeditions. Today, the cable knit pattern is among an array of the traditional Aran models that are signature designs of the Irish, and are cherished the world over.

The lovely hat is available in four distinct and amazing colors that are green, charcoal, natural, and navy. The vibrancy and variety of colors allow you to pick your preferred to accessorize and keep stylish and warm throughout perfectly. The fantastic hat goes well when paired with SAOL'S Wool Cable Knit Scarf for the complete Irish ensemble. This hat can ultimately serve as a simple yet thoughtful gift to your friend, loved one, or family member, especially during this festive season. Transform and enhance your look with this beautiful hat.