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Ladies Irish Knit Bobble Wool Hat


■ The hat is a product of the prestigious SAOL Knitwear, a name that means “life’ in the Irish language, and are among the new line of St. Patrick Collection
■ The knit patterns appearing on the hat have a rich Irish connection, used to pay homage to the Irish traditions and culture.
■ The bobble at the top of the hat and the ribbed edge gives this lovely piece a cheeky side, excellent way of ushering in the festive mood
■ Knit from 100% Merino wool that has a luxurious and elegant touch, guaranteeing you warmth and comfort throughout
■ Comes in three vibrant and classic colors; green, natural and navy, giving you an option of picking your preferred color to stay stylish through the cold weather



Covering up your head is one of the coziest ways of ensuring you keep yourself warm, especially during the cold chilly season. Combining comfort, warmth, and style is the ultimate fashion goal of many ladies, and the Ladies Irish Knit Bobble Wool Hat is a perfect idea. The fantastic hat is a product of the prestigious and Ireland’s leading knitwear, SAOL, who re the forefront of manufacturing outstanding and trendy outfits. This hat will spruce up your look as you look to beat up the cold weather and maintain a classy, flashy, and stylish look.

The fantastic design of the hat embraces the use of sleek, exquisite, and stand out traditional Aran patterns. The purpose of the lovely models is keeping up with the vast and rich Irish traditions and cultures, designs that have been around for over a century. The charming traditional Aran patterns were remarkably used on the Irish fishermen's sweaters, the perfect way of keeping the cold at bay when out on the fishing expeditions. The models explicitly displayed on the hat are a mix of diamond weave, cable knit and lacework, unique, and exquisite designs. The patterns traditionally signify good luck and safe tidings, the ultimate way to welcome and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

The hat is made out of the superfluous, 100% Merino wool, which has a super soft and smooth texture, giving you a luxurious feel in touch. The pre-treated yarn guarantees you warmth and comfort, sheltering you from the cold, blistering weather when you step out. Produced by the skilled and experienced artisans at SAOL knitwear, the design and style of the hat guarantee you comfort warmth and a unique style. The ribbed edge of the cap ensures its snug fit while the bobble at the top of the hat adds a cheeky and fun touch, the best way to welcome the festive season.

The beautiful hat is available in three classic and vibrant colors, which are green, navy and natural. You can perfectly pair this lovely hat with the Ladies Wool Scarf for a total ensemble of festive Irish accessories. Consider getting this gorgeous piece for your friend, loved ones are or family members, an excellent way to usher in the festive period, showing that you are thoughtful and caring.