Irish Merino Wool Hat with Shamrocks


■ The gorgeous hat is a product of the magnificent and household Irish knitwear manufacturers, SAOL, and is part of the new special St. Patrick’s Collection
■ The Shamrocks and pom pom addition in the design and style of the hat gives it a cheeky and festive look, making unique and special
■ Made from 100% pure Irish Merino, the hat has an elegant feel with a soft, cozy and luxurious texture on touch to keep you warm throughout
■ The hat features elaborate, exquisite and unique traditional Aran patterns that guarantee you authenticity, warmth, and comfort from the biting cold



Rocking a hat during the cold chilly season is both stylish and trendy, while at the same time keeping yourself comfortable and warm from the biting cold. This magnificent Green and White Irish Merino Wool Hat with Shamrocks is the ultimate accessory fit for St. Patrick's Day celebrations. The hat is adorned with a rim of contrast shamrocks, and a gorgeous pom pom on top, design, and style that is unique and perfect for you to showcase your Irish heritage and pride.

The beautiful Aran hat is knit from 100% Merino wool that has a luxurious and elegant texture and a smooth, sleek touch. The fantastic hat features elaborate, distinct and exquisite traditional Aran patterns that have been in existence in Ireland for centuries. The diamond weave and cable knit patterns have, for centuries, been part of that traditional Irish fisherman’s sweater, a symbol of good fortune and hope. The models are designed to offer warmth and comfort and shield from the slithering cold weather.

The shamrocks around the bottom of the hat have a considerable significance in Irish traditions, culture, and religion. The three distinct leaves of the Shamrock were, as legend has it, used by St. Patrick as a symbol of the holy trinity, placing the Shamrock at the center of Christianity in Ireland. 

This fantastic hat can perfectly serve as a simple yet thoughtful gift to your friend, loved ones, or family during the St. Patrick's Day celebration. Consider adding this piece to your winter collection to keep yourself warm and comfortable through the cold season. This beautiful hat will be an ideal accessory in an outdoor or indoor look, giving you a classy, stylish, and trendy image, especially during the cold, chilly season.