Aran Woollen Mills

Irish Honeycomb Shamrock Blanket by Carraig Donn


■ The Blanket features 100% Merino wool from Ireland, that is super soft on touch with a luxurious and cozy texture to keep you warm throughout
■ The Blanket comes in dimensions of 58 by 40 inches, large enough to cover a table or chair or cover yourself up during the cold season
■ The lovely throw features exquisite and unique traditional Aran patterns, paying homage to the vast ancient history of Ireland
■ The marvelous piece is a product of the magnificent and prestigious Carraig Donn, a leading and well-established garment manufacturing firm in Ireland


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Transforming our home during the cold winter season sometimes needs a total makeover of your home appliances and furniture. There are various additions you can include in your home décor to make it warm, welcoming, and appealing during the cold season. One of the most straightforward items that will add a touch of class, beauty, and warmth as a cover to your home items is a basic throw. Throws come in different designs, styles, and sizes, all designed for the ultimate comfort, coziness, and warmth to your home. You can also comfortably use a throw blanket to cover yourself while relaxing at home or during your outdoor endeavors. Our marvelous Shamrock Blanket by Carraig Donn encompasses every feature of the ultimate piece of art to consider adding to your interior décor.

Our gorgeous Blanket is perfect for anyone looking for a luxurious throw blanket that also exudes Irish charm! The lovely piece, endowed with an Irish touch and beauty, can also perfectly serve as a genuine and thoughtful gift for a friend or family. Consider adding this simplistic yet standout product in your gift basket.

The amazing Blanket, crafted from the prestigious and glamorous Carraig Donn, will add warmth and style to your room or for covering yourself up in when it is chilly. The size is sufficient enough for throwing over a table or a chair or for wrapping up snugly in for a night at home.
The Irish Honeycomb Shamrock Blanket is a product of Carraig Donn, a premier, household, and brand garment and jewelry manufacturing firm in Ireland. The company is one of the oldest manufacturing firms in the region, a trendsetter, and a leader in the garment industry. Carraig Donn's products have a global presence, renown primarily because of the intricate, unique, and authentic patterns. The patterns featuring in many of the products have an Irish touch, paying homage to the vast and magnificent Irish past. Carraig Donn's connection to authentic Irish history has, over the years, creating a large following to the marvelous products, not only in Ireland but globally.

The cozy throw from Carraig Donn is knit using traditional Aran Basket and honeycomb stitching patterns. The standout and unique stitches play up the texture of the Blanket's soft and plush merino wool. The creamy natural white color is beautifully set off by the playful green Shamrock details that are sure to bring you some of that famous Irish luck. The Shamrock is an idolized national symbol of Ireland, with a substantial traditional and religious significance.

Check out our stunning yet simple Shamrock Blanket by Carraig Donn that comes in gorgeous white color. The honeycomb blanket will help you keep your home and yourself warm during the cold spells.