Aran Woollen Mills

Irish Merino Wool Aran Baby Blanket


■ Knit from 100% Merino wool, this Aran blanket is soft, fluffy, and has great heat insulating properties, providing the utmost comfort for your baby 
■ Irish design: intricate Aran stitches, including cable, honeycomb & basket patterns, all being traditional Irish symbols of good luck & protection
■ Our blanket measures 36 x 50", perfectly tailored for your baby's comfort & ideal for swaddling your little one, stroller rides, or nursery decor
■ Made in Ireland by Aran Woollen Mills, our baby blanket boasts quality craftsmanship and authenticity, making a thoughtful Irish present for a newborn


Our fluffy Irish Merino Wool Aran Baby Blanket boasts excellent craftsmanship and a culturally-inspired design that will add a touch of Irish charm to your nursery.
Made of 100% Merino wool, this blanket provides softness and coziness for your baby. Merino wool is a highly resistant and durable material, guaranteeing that this blanket will pass the test of time in your home. The blanket features traditional designs from the remote Aran Islands, which are located off the western coast of Ireland. These designs were originally created to enhance insulation for raw wool sweaters worn by Irish fishermen. The distinctive texture of these designs provided a dual advantage of breathability and effective heat insulation, being able to counter the harsh conditions in the Atlantic. Our baby blanket, which is made using the same traditional method, guarantees maximum comfort and warmth without causing overheating.
The design of our blanket combines elements of Irish cultural heritage, such as the Aran cable, honeycomb, and basket stitches, which have a rich history and symbolism in Irish folklore. The cable stitch represents the ropes used by Irish fishermen, which local women wove as a wish for their husbands' safety at sea. The honeycomb stitch represents the diligent bees and the sweet rewards for their labor. The basket stitch, which is reminiscent of fishermen's baskets, is said to bring luck and big catches.
This baby blanket was made with practicality in mind. Measuring 36 x 50 inches, it provides an array of comforting options for your baby's needs. It is ideal for swaddling, having it on hand during stroller rides, or as nursery decor.
Made by Aran Woollen Mills in Ireland, this Aran baby blanket is a testament to authenticity and fine craftsmanship. A wonderful newborn gift, it will provide warmth and comfort and bring a little bit of the Emerald Isle into anyone's home.