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Charles Gallen TNK Easy Care Damask Napkins

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Now: $11.90

■ Irish Design in Damask Weave 
■ Polyester Cloth 
■ No-Iron 
■ Sets of 4 and 6 Available 
■ Washing Machine Safe



A set of cloth napkins is the pinnacle of offering a refined dining experience, whether you’re opening a new restaurant, hosting a dinner of friends, planning a wedding reception, or simply hoping to elevate the average family meal.

These Charles Gallen TNK Easy Care Damask Napkins are a perfect choice for anyone hoping to provide a little luxury with an Irish flair.

The napkins are woven in 100% polyester for machine washable easy care.

The white damask weave creates beautiful contrasting patterns of Ireland’s most notable imagery. Shamrock vines encircle the traditional harp, while Celtic knots tie together intricate Celtic cross designs in satin finishes that shimmer against the matte cloth background.

Damask fabrics are known for their luxury and durability, woven tightly to protect against spills.

The polyester thread makes these napkins a perfect option for anyone seeking such sophistication without the added cost of natural cloth materials.

Charles Gallen has been producing some of the finest table linens in Ireland since 1870 and is renowned for their high-quality and commitment to Irish motifs.

With these napkins, you can spread a bit of home anywhere your guests eat.