Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen

Irish Linen Vintage Tea Towel


■ Made of 100% Irish linen, a natural material that is soft, highly durable, and ultra-absorbent
■ Multi-functional and resistant tea towel that can be used for a variety of purposes
■ Traditional Stripe Design and Shamrock motifs that honor your Irish heritage
■ The tea towel has perfect dimensions of 22.04 inches x 29.13 inches
■ For the best results, please wash in cold to warm water and air dry it

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Add Irish essence to your kitchen with this Irish Linen Vintage Tea Towel. Beautifully made of linen, the towel is durable, highly absorbent, and long-lasting, making it multi-purpose. You can use it as a tea accompaniment, for drying vegetables, fruits, or dishes, and even for covering foods as it won’t alter the taste. Besides its unmatched practicality, it also features an eye-catching traditional design that adds cultural authenticity to any table. The shamrock is a beloved Irish symbol that has its roots in ancient times. The Druids always carried a shamrock with them as they considered it a strong charm against evil. Also, legends say that St. Patrick used the three leaves of the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the Celts, becoming since then an important Christian symbol. Proudly show off your cultural values while using our Irish tea towel.