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Mullingar Pewter Pocket Watch in Shamrock


■ Pewter Shamrock Pocket Watch
■ Shamrock Design
■ Mullingar Pewter Collection
■ Made in Ireland

P246 Shamrock1

Keep track of time throughout the day with Irish style with this Mullingar Pewter Shamrock Pocket Watch. Crafted from quality pewter, this timepiece boasts a brilliant shine that will not tarnish over time, making this durable watch perfect for passing down to future generations as a precious heirloom. This piece features a classic pocket watch design beautifully resembling that of vintage timepieces that are still admired today.

Highlighting the front of the watch is a three-leaf shamrock that pays tribute to the Emerald Isle. The shamrock is the national flower of Ireland that has bolstered Irish pride throughout history, especially during the oppressive rule the country endured under Queen Victoria of England. The flower’s three leaves were used by Saint Patrick to teach the Holy Trinity in Christianity to the Irish, and ancient Celts honored the shamrock as a symbol of good fortune.

This pocket watch is a special piece that will add charm and character to any look. Make it a gift for a friend who has original style!