Shamrock Men's Cable Knit Irish Wool Hat


■ The lovely hat is a product of one of Ireland's leading and renowned knitwear manufacturing firms, SAOL, and is part of the new St. Patrick Collection.
■ The patterns elaborately displayed on the hat feature the vibrant traditional Aran Patterns, the cable knit the perfect way to celebrate the rich Irish culture and traditions
■ The hat comes in four distinct and beautiful colors that are green, navy, charcoal and natural, all vibrant colors that are easy to accessorize with one size fits all
■ The shamrock detail on the hat’s imprint has a massive traditional and religious significance, the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day design
■ You can pair this lovely piece of art with the SAOL’s Cable Knit Shamrock Scarf for that complete festive look



Putting on a hat during the cold, chilly season is arguably the coziest and most comfortable way of stepping out while being classy and, at the same time, keeping the cold at bay. If you are looking for a stylish and sleek headwear that will transform your look and which matches the festive season mood, then check out the Shamrock Men's Cable Knit Irish Wool Hat. This glamorous accessory is a product of the prestigious and leading Irish knit firm, SAOL Knitwear. The firm has a precious reputation for producing classy and stylish products and keeping in line with the latest fashion trends.

The fantastic hat is a product of one of Ireland's exquisite products, the 100% Merino wool. The pre-treated wool has an excellent texture that offers you a remarkable comfort and warmth. Pre-treating the yarn also extends its longevity, ensuring it provides you service for a much longer time.

The hat features elaborately unique patterns and designs that give it an authentic Irish look. The design features the majestic cable patterns, which are part of the Irish heritage and culture. The models are part of the traditional Aran patterns that have been in existence for over a century now, previously incorporated into the sweaters of the Irish fishermen. The patterns provided an extra level of warmth, sheltering the fishermen on their fishing expeditions. The cable pattern is one of the most recognizable models of Irish garments.

The shamrock detailing on the hat is another masterstroke of the designers and craftsmen of this fantastic piece. The shamrock flower has a religious significance, used metaphorically as a symbol of the holy trinity. The shamrock, as legend has it, was initially used by St. Patrick himself, thus adorning this hat will be the perfect way to usher in the festive season.

This marvelous piece of knitwear comes in four majestic colors, which are green, charcoal, navy, and natural. The variety in color gives you an option to pick your favorite to accessorize and pull that excellent look. You can pair this hat the SAOL Cable Knit Shamrock Scarf for a complete holiday look.