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Black Guinness Woven Ireland Label Badge Beanie Hat


■ Classic black knit beanie
■ Trademark Guinness Extra Stout patch on front
■ Official Guinness merchandise designed in Ireland
■ Knit from machine washable acrylic
■One size fits all



Keep your head warm every winter with this Black Guinness woven Ireland Label Badge Beanie Hat. This classic beanie style is accented with a woven Guinness Extra Stout patch sewn on the front. This trademark logo features the company’s harp design with “Guinness Extra Stout” and “St. James’s Gate” prominently displayed.

Guinness is arguably the most recognizable brand in Ireland. Founded in 1759 in Dublin, Guinness has become as inextricably linked to the identity of the country itself as the shamrock. Renowned for their trademark dark stout and clever advertising during the 20th century with slogans like “A Guinness A Day” and “My Goodness My Guinness,” to own a piece of Guinness apparel is to own a piece of Irish culture. 

Official Guinness Merchandise. Manufactured by Traditional Craft in County Kildare, Ireland.