Patrick Francis

Patrick Francis Cream Kids Shamrock Hat


■ This hat was crafted from a blend of 55% acrylic and 45% cotton to provide ultimate comfort

■ The design features traditional Aran basket and honeycomb stitching, as well as ribbed trim on the edge

■ Features a lovely embroidered Shamrock on one side, which is a beautiful symbol of Irish Christianity

■ Part of the Patrick Francis collection that offers a variety of authentic Irish-designed accessories

■ To prevent shrinking or shape distortion, it is recommended to wash the hat by hand 


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Keep your little one’s head nice and toasty out in the cold while he or she spreads some Irish warmth with this Patrick Francis Cream Kids Shamrock Hat. This hat is 55% acrylic and 45% cotton, offering a fabric blend that will keep your child’s head insulated from harsh winds with softness and warmth.

Beautifully displayed in this piece are rich Aran patterns that originate from the Aran Islands located off the western coast of Ireland. The cable ropes down the center represent the island fishermen’s ropes and hopes that they would have fruitful voyages. Down the sides of the hat are basket patterns that symbolize the fishermen’s baskets and wishes for plentiful catches for them.

Adding sharp and cute touches to this hat are the thick ribbed trim at the border and the playful pom pom detail at the top. Accenting the hat with Irish charm is a stitched green shamrock flower that sits off to the side at the front for an eye-catching effect that contrasts nicely with the cream color of the hat.

Make this hat a versatile accessory in your child’s wardrobe that will look great with any other color!