Aran Woollen Mills

SuperSoft Merino Aran Cable Snood Scarf


■ Made out of 100% super soft merino wool to ensure warmth and breathability
■ Knit with a traditional Aran cable stitch that brings culture into the design
■ Infinity scarf design, perfect to keep you warm on cold autumn days 
■ Perfect Irish gift or souvenir, as it is made in Ireland 
■ Hand wash only and dry flat on a horizontal surface for best long-term maintenance


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Get ready to get through the cold season feeling warm and cozy all the time with our SuperSoft Merino Aran Cable Snood Scarf. Made out of high quality 100% Merino Wool, this infinity scarf will ensure breathability, warmth and great comfort. This scarf is not only stylish and warm but also knit with traditional Aran stitches that represent Irish culture, giving it a meaningful touch. Cable stitches were used for fishermen’ sweaters in Irish history to represent strength and safety. To make sure you enjoy this piece for a long time, we recommend that you hand wash it only and dry it flat on a horizontal surface.