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Women's Crossover Aran Headband


■ 100% SuperSoft Merino Wool Made in Ireland
■ One Size Fits All
■ Aran Cable Stitching
■ Crosover Detail
■ Available in Natural White & Teal



This lovely, warm wool headband with lace and Aran stitching is the perfect accessory to jazz up your cold-weather outfits and stave off those winter blues. Let the others wear dark slouchy beanies and a general air of malaise. The beautiful crossover style features chunky Aran cable knits, known for their warmth and beauty. First developed on the Aran Islands for the sweaters of working fishermen, these cables are today a staple of Irish fashion.

Available in Natural White and Teal. One size fits all. This headband says: "It's freezing, but my hair looks amazing."