Aran Woollen Mills

Aran Knit Wool Hat


■ Sustainable Irish Aran cable hat crafted from 100% organic Merino wool, a material with great heat-insulating properties, ideal for all seasons

■ Designed with traditional Aran stitches such as cable, moss, and honeycomb, patterns used for the sweaters of Irish fishermen as symbols of good luck, prosperity, and hard work

■ The comfortable and cozy fit of this hat offers various styling possibilities, whether with a matching knitted Aran sweater or a warm jacket for the winter

■ Authentically crafted in Ireland, our hat makes a thoughtful gift choice for both men and women, sure to make a lasting, culturally-inspired addition for anyone’s accessory collection 


If you wish to get the classic style of Irish, or look like your favorite fall movie character, search no further than our Aran Knit Wool Hat! It is attentively crafted from 100% Merino wool, an organic material that is ideal for around the year wear. The heat-insulating properties of the wool ensure you will stay warm during cold seasons and cool during hotter ones, making this piece an eco-friendly alternative and a great addition to your accessory collection. What makes our hat truly special is its design! Showcasing intricate Aran stitching, this hat is an ode to the Irish way of life. The cable, honeycomb, and moss stitches have been interwoven into the sweaters of Irish fishermen ever since the 19th century and have become a staple of Ireland’s knitting traditions! The cable stitch represents the ropes of fishermen and symbolizes good luck and prosperity at sea. The honeycomb alludes to the prolific bee industry of Ireland and represents the hard-working nature of the bees, as well as their sweet rewards. Lastly, the moss stitch is reminiscent of Ireland’s lush green landscape, ensuring you will always carry a piece of the Emerald Isle with you whenever you wear our Aran hat. Whether you pair this hat with an oversize matching Aran sweater, or style it with a knitted dress or casual jeans, you will always look trendy! Crafted with attention to detail, in Ireland, our Aran hat makes the perfect present idea for both men and women!