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Tweed Walking Hat


■ Crafted with Luxurious 100% Wool
■ A gorgeous design featuring an Oval crown, wide brim, and a lovely feather detail
■ Masterfully handcrafted in Ireland by Hanna Hats
■ Elegant Tweed Walking Hat suitable for all genders



For those who love wearing elegant hats, here’s one that might fit your style. This Tweed Walking Hat features a style that dates back to the 1960s, but that doesn’t mean it’s old fashioned. In fact, it is a very popular style that is fit for people of any age and any gender. It has a structured body, an oval crown, and a wide brim that give the hat its elegant look. The look is enhanced by the lovely feather detail on one side. Apart from being stylish, it’s also warm and comfortable to wear because it’s made from 100% wool.