Hanna Hats

Irish Tweed Eight Piece Cap


■ Made from 100% wool of the highest quality to provide warmth and coziness 
■ Elegant full-bodied classic Newsboy style eight-piece cap with a button on top 
■ The design features a richly textured, geometrical Herringbone design 
■ Made in Ireland by the skillful craftsmen of Hanna Hats


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This lovely Irish Tweed Eight Piece Cap reminds you of the hats that were worn by newspaper boys and girls in the 1920s. Although this style has been around for more than a century, it is still as popular as ever, and that's because this style is timeless. But this eight piece is special because it features a fuller shape than the classic newsboy cap, which gives it a more modern look. The cap is made from luxurious 100% wool, which makes it an excellent choice for the cold season thanks to the warmth it provides. The charming grey herringbone pattern brings dynamic in the composition and gives the cap a vintage feel. The appeal lies also in the versatility of the style. This cap is fit for men and women of any age and it can go well with any outfit if you know how to style it.