Mullingar Pewter

Wild Irish Jewelry Box


■ The marvelous Jewelry box is a product of one of Ireland's pioneer and leading ornamental and utensils production company's- Mullingar Peter
■ The intricate design of the lovely piece of art features unique Irish patterns, the Celtic knot, giving it a deep Irish connection

■ The beautiful Irish Jewelry Box has a crimson felt lining that is soft to touch, safe and convenient enough to store your valuables

■ The product is 100% Pewter Jewelry Box, a good mark of quality and authenticity, giving you confidence in the lovely box

■ The marvelous Jewelry Box comes in dimensions of 7 inches in length, 4 inches in width and 3 inches in height

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Mullingar Pewter is at the forefront of producing some of the world's most outstanding and exquisite domestic pewter utensils. The company's range of products include plates, unique candlesticks, and majestic tankards. I existence for over 40 years, the company is renowned the world over for its excellent products designed to outlive generations. Mullingar Pewter's products pass through the hands of Ireland’s most exceptional artisans who possess skills, proficiency, and experience. The artisans have the ability in fashioning products uniquely designed for ease of storage, rarely wear out and with beautiful warm sheen. The company strives to revive age-old casting methods, assembly ofdelicate items, and unique hand-finishing of their products. Mullingar Pewter prides itself in the design and production of our majestic Irish Jewelry Box.

Our stunning and outstanding pewter jewelry box from the prestigious Mullingar Pewter is a keeper. The beautiful box keeps your treasured items in a safe place, out of dust and moisture. The jewelry box is uniquely designed, an artistic beauty that keeps your valuables safe.

The lovely Irish Jewelry Box can serve as a gift box, and you can majestically keep jewelry before presenting it to your friends or loved ones.
The beautiful box comes from one of Europe’s most beautiful and historic countries, Ireland. The design and style of box embrace the use of Irish patterns. The inclusion of the Irish models is a commemoration of the vast Irish history, traditions, and heritage. One of the notable patterns exquisitely used in the Irish Jewelry Box design is the Celtic Knot design. The Celtic Knot design has a rich history in Ireland, in existence for centuries.

The design of the lovely Jewelry Box also features one of Ireland's most iconic symbols, the Claddagh. The Claddagh emblem signifies love, loyalty, and eternal friendship. The use of the Claddagh symbol endears the excellent piece of art to many people from Ireland who identify with the unique and outstanding emblem.

The box, lined with soft, crimson velvet to protect your treasures, it measures 7 inches long, 4 inches wide and 3 inches tall with three incredible compartments. The compartments, a practical and unique security feature, adds class and style to the lovely Irish Jewelry Box.

Store your treasured valuables in our unique, stylish, and classy Irish Jewelry Box that stands out. Although small in size, what the box lacks in size, it compensates in style and design. The Jewelry Box will keep your keepsakes safe and in perfect condition. The box, a product of the most durable metal, is sturdy and there is a guarantee of extended longevity.