Samuel Lamont

Celtic Cross Irish Linen Handkerchief


■ Lovely hanky made of linen, a soft natural material with excellent absorbency
■ Features a splendid embroidered Celtic cross - an authentic touch
■ Comes in a beautiful package, making it a nice ready-to-give gift
■ Made by Kathleen’s of Donegal, a company that offers unique imported Irish gifts
■ Wash under 20 degrees with mild detergent and dry on a flat surface


Even though some people might find handkerchiefs old-fashioned, they are as useful and important as ever thanks to the fact that they are a sustainable option for the modern world. Besides, there is something very elegant about having a handkerchief. A linen handkerchief is especially elegant and practical. Linen is a natural fabric that is an excellent choice for a hanky. It is absorbent and soft, so it does not irritate the skin. However, what makes this hanky truly special is the beautiful Celtic cross embroidery. It gives the handkerchief an authentic touch, making it a wonderful Irish gift idea.