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Connemara Marble Rosary

Was: $47.99
Now: $43.00

■ Made of exquisite Connemara marble, a rare and captivating natural stone exclusively found in Ireland.
■ With a focus on Irish traditions, this rosary features a stunning Celtic cross, intricately designed with intertwining patterns symbolizing faith, unity, and the interconnectedness of all things.
■ The Celtic cross shines with an ethereal beauty as it stands adorned with a captivating silver-plated finish.
■ Measuring 26 inches in length, this rosary is thoughtfully designed for comfortable handling during prayers.


Embrace the spiritual significance and the captivating beauty of the Irish Connemara Marble Rosary, a cherished item for personal devotion or a meaningful gift for someone special. This item is meticulously crafted from the exquisite Connemara marble found only in Ireland. Each bead is meticulously carved into a square shape, showcasing the unique patterns and variations of this stunning natural stone.
The Celtic cross features deep symbolism and cultural significance. With its distinctive design, the cross combines the traditional Christian cross with a circle, representing the eternal and unending love of God. It is a powerful emblem of faith, spirituality, and the rich heritage of Irish traditions. This timeless piece continues the tradition of combining natural beauty with practical strength, making it both visually appealing and durable. With a total length of 26 inches, this Rosary allows for comfortable handling during prayer and reflection. The Celtic Crucifix measures 1.5 inches long, adding a distinct touch of Celtic symbolism to the design.