Ladies Cable Knit Hooded Coat

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■ 100% pure soft merino wool for the ultimate comfort, warmth, and uniqueness.

■ The merino wool is pure, with no additional fabric
■ The combination of different Aran stitching including the cable, Trellis, and honeycomb gives the jacket a perfect look, with the combination guaranteeing warmth and comfort
■ Insert pockets which keeps your hands warm and adds on the style and class of the sweater making you stand out from the crowd
■ The unique style including the three-quarter length and the Trinity Knot zipper pull adds style and comfort to the jacket, keeping you warm throughout, and stylish both indoors and outdoors 


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Our stylish Women's Long Irish Wool Aran Jacket is perfect for any girl with a sense of dramatic! This stunner of a coat is eye-catching and will keep you stylish and ultra-warm during the cold spells. The Aran jacket epitomizes beauty, style, and warmth, giving you comfort throughout, perfect for both outdoors and indoors atmosphere.

Our Aran jacket is an excellent work of art that puts classic Aran stitching like Aran cable, honeycomb, and trellis designs on full display. Embracing the Aran patterns gives the coat an Irish cultural connection, an authentic identity with the ultimate goal of comfort, warmth, and style. Ladies and fashion go hand in hand, and no matter the season, ladies want to stay on top of the game, maintaining that stylish look and stand out from a crowd. As opposed to the carefree loose-fitting clothing of summer, winter brings with it a challenge in fashion and style, especially for ladies. There are limited options to keep warm, remain classy and stylish, and comfortable during the cold spell.

Our Women's Long Irish Wool Aran Jacket is part of the dressing that will ensure that you combine comfort, warmth, class, and style all into one. The patterns come together wonderfully to add dimension and contrast to the Aran cardigan. The distinct unique final look is an impressive, warm, and welcoming piece of art. This piece three-quarter length and insert pockets provide extra warmth while adding extra style and glamor to our regal jacket. The Trinity Knot zipper is another addition to the jacket and gives it a fun, unique touch that is flattering to all. You can adjust the zipper depending on how cold the weather is, keeping you comfortably warm throughout the day and night.

Check out our incredible, super comfy, super warm Long Irish Aran Jacket that is a must-have during the cold season. Every purchase of our Aran jacket welcomes you to the class of authenticity, uniqueness, and comfort. A perfect piece of art, our gorgeous jacket is a beauty that should be a must have in every woman's closet. Check out this exceptional product to accessorize during the cold season. The coat can also serve as the perfect gift to your special someone.