Aran Woollen Mills

Ladies Wool Cardigan with Mock Turtleneck and Zipper


■ The product comes from 100% Supersoft Merino wool, that is soft and smooth to touch, giving you luxurious comfort and warmth

■ The inclusion of the traditional Aran Cable stitching provides the sweater with a unique, authentic and original Irish connection

■ The fantastic sweater incorporates some tremendous features, including the raised collar and deep pockets for the ultimate comfort and warmth


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The beauty, elegance, and magnificence that come with trendy fashion outfits can never be underestimated. Such extravagance and observance of trendy outfits are mainly a preserve for the ladies. The most stylish clothing attires that are ever-changing is the winter wear. There are many outfits specially designed for the cold, chilly spells, but one that has maintained a consistent appearance in lady’s wardrobes is the cardigan. Cardigans have worldwide recognition and distributions, coming in a variation in design and style. Our elegant, stunning, and gorgeous Aran Cardigan combines all the cozy warmth of a sweater with the versatility of a jacket.

Our marvelous Aran Cardigan stands out as the perfect wear to keep the cold at bay, as you maintain that sleek, chic, feminine look. It will be the best addition to your winter wear collection and stands as the perfect gift to your loved ones, to show that you are considerate and caring. The Aran sweater for women is built to last and is durable, warm, and comfortable. The style and design Our beautiful Aran cardigan comes from the thick super-soft, super-cozy 100% pure Supersoft Merino wool, a product of Ireland. The Merino wool offers a silky, smooth texture that is cozy to touch, providing comfort and warmth, to help you beat the cold spells. The craftsmanship that has gone into the design of this marvel is outstanding and unique.

You can wear the classic collar up or down, one of the most stand-out features of the sweater. The zipper detail inclusion in the design and style of the jacket contrasts nicely with the cream color of the beautiful cardigan. Two deep warm pockets for cold hands are the perfect finishing touch to the sweater, keeping you stylish and friendly throughout. Intricate Aran stitch stitching Our gorgeous sweater incorporates the use of Aran stitch patterns in its design and style. The Aran style patterns have their roots in Ireland, and their use in the cardigan is a celebration of the rich and vast Irish cultures and traditions.

The Aran model patterns have been around in Ireland for decades now, defining and shaping the garment knitting industry.The Aran stitches are ideally suited in the design and manufacture of winter wear. The design is crafted to offer warmth and comfort. The inclusion of the Aran models in the design of the sweater gives it an authentic, unique, and original Irish connection. The sweater is knit using the lovely Aran Cable knit patterns that represent a fisherman’s ropes and prayers for safe and fruitful fishing voyages.