Hooded Aran Coat with Celtic Knot Zipper


■ Pure, 100% Irish merino sheep’s wool gives this delightful ladies Aran knit coat softness and durability that guarantees it to stand the test of time. 
■ Traditional Aran stitching gives this beautiful ladies coat an undeniable sense of Irish authenticity, making it the perfect piece to incite the envy of all your Ireland-loving friends!

■ A deep, sweeping hood and convenient side pockets put a useful, modern spin on a classic look. Store your everyday essentials like phones, keys, and more with ease. 

■ This ladies Aran knit hoodie-style coat comes complete with a full-length front zip, with a pull-tab in the shape of traditional Celtic Trinity knot in silver tone



When it comes to timeless Irish fashion, no item is more quintessential than the internationally-beloved Aran knit sweater. Here, we’ve given this classic piece a gorgeously contemporary update, bringing to you this Hooded Aran Knit Coat with Celtic Knot Zipper! Fun, functional, and undeniably stunning, this is a garment for all seasons, be it for layering with other soft, warm pieces for keeping out the winter chill, or simply throwing it on over a breezy sundress to keep you comfortable during summer’s long evenings. Once you have an authentic Aran knit piece in your closet, you’ll never look back!

This piece is made from 100% pure Irish soft merino sheep’s wool, a fabric which is praised all over the world for its softness, durability, and non-irritating qualities. Natural and organic, it’s perfect for a wearer with even the most sensitive of skin types, and can be worn all day long with comfort and ease. Merino sheep’s wool is also incredibly breathable, and naturally wicks sweat to prevent discomfort and irritation.

This hooded coat makes beautiful use of traditional Aran stitching, a style which hails (of course) from the Aran Islands, a cluster of islands just off the western coast of Ireland. In olden times, the wives of the islander fishermen would weave warm, protective Aran sweaters for their husbands in order to keep them safe and secure while working out at sea. They infused plenty of symbolism in the stitching patterns, too: the cable stitch, as seen here, is representative of the fishing ropes used by the fishermen in their work, and was incorporated into their clothing as a sign of good luck to help them come home safe at the end of each day.

A number of fun, contemporary updates effectively upgrade this otherwise traditional look for optimal 21st century wear. Roomy front pockets allow for the easy, convenient storage of phones, keys, and coin purses; comfortable raglan sleeves allow for maximum mobility; and a deep, sweeping hood is perfect for hiding away inside whenever rain pours or cold winds blow.

One of the most wonderful modern touches this piece boasts is its full zipper-closure front, Celtic knot design on the zip puller with silver-tone Celtic Trinity knot. This symbol is so named for its three distinct points. In pre-Christian Ireland, these three points were often associated with the primary forces of nature -- earth, air, and water -- or ancient pagan deities, such as the Mother, the Maiden, and the Crone. Around the time that St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, began teaching the pagan population about Christianity, however, the symbol’s meaning underwent a change: Patrick used the three prongs of the Trinity knot to represent the joint but distinct powers of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, which come together as one God. Whether you prefer the old or new meaning of the Celtic Trinity knot symbol, one thing is for certain: there’s not a person on this earth who won’t be taken in by its mystical beauty.