Aran Woollen Mills

Cable Knit Irish Shawl Cardigan


■ The beautiful shawl collar complements our cardigan’s traditional design, spacious and breathable enough to accommodate large collars of underlying pieces (like your favorite turtleneck top!).
■ Textured brown football buttons fasten our cardigan down the front, adding a nostalgically Irish touch while lending a touch of classic sophistication and charm.

■ Cozy front pockets are perfect to keep your hands warm, or to store your phone or your keys close at hand. (And really, everyone loves a great pocket!)

■ Featuring both rope and braided versions of the classic cable stitch, the patterns pay homage to the fishermen of the Aran Islands with their traditional knitting patterns.

■ Crafted from pure Merino wool, our cardigan is super soft and warm. And since it is knitted from the highest quality in textiles, you know you’re getting the very best every time you put it on.


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For the perfect combination of timeless design and comfort, make our Cable Knit Irish Shawl Cardigan part of your everyday fall and winter looks! Made of soft Merino wool, this distinguished piece is as super soft and cozy as it is beautiful, and it is sure to become a perennial favorite in your wardrobe. Traditional Aran stitching creates the underlying pattern for this gorgeous cardigan, wrapping you warmly in Irish culture and tradition. Long cable patterns running the length of the bodice and sleeves create a streamlined, slimming effect, making our cardigan supremely flattering for a variety of shapes and sizes.

The elegant shawl collar creates distinct lapels that frame the neck and face perfectly, a perfect blend style shawl neck cardigan and ease (and a great place to display pins and buttons, if you like!). Complementing the traditional design, the open lapels also provide plenty of room for layering over your favorite turtleneck. A set of bold brown football buttons run down the center of the cardigan, lending a sense of both sophistication and charm. Easy front pockets are a thoughtful detail that add timeless style and practicality. Great for keeping keys and a wallet close at hand, or for keeping your hands warm in chilly weather. Available in a soft denim blue color and a relaxed fit, our cardigan is sure to flatter everyone, and complement a variety of women's Irish clothing styles.

Perfect for layering, you can pair it with a wide range of tops, from a simple t-shirt or tank top to a dressy turtleneck. Wear it at home or at the office, you are sure to turn heads! Our cardigan also makes for a thoughtful gift for any occasion!

Merino wool is the gold standard when it comes to textiles. Soft, absorbent, and all-natural, this type of wool is perfect for fabrics and knits that are made into clothing. If you have not had the privilege to experience merino yet, you are in for a treat. Merino’s small fibers give it the bend and twist that makes it perfect for all kinds of apparel. The softer nature of merino wool means that it does not poke and scratch at the skin, so you can wear it with confidence--no uncomfortable itchiness. Only soft, luxurious comfort.

Aran stitching is a uniquely Irish artform, born in the Aran Islands at the mouth of Galway Bay. The different knitting stitches that form the different distinct patterns in the wool are inspired by generations of Aran fishermen, their families, and the history of their lives at sea. Cable stitching represents the ropes that fishermen use, with hopes for safe voyages and good days at sea. Plaited or braided stitches like the ones on our cardigan are also said to represent the interweaving strands of life.

Whether you wear this sweet cardigan around town to run your errands, or to visit your loved ones, you will be wrapped snugly in wishes of safety and good fortune.