Royal Tara

A True Irish Home Blessing Plaque


■ The plate clearly and explicitly displays a unique, inspiring and sensational Irish blessing that is touching to the heart
■ The product is bronze-plated, giving it a durable and robust touch, a genius design addition from the craftsmen.

■ The Irish Home Blessing Plaque is a product of the global renown Royal Tara, a pride of Ireland

■ The design and style used in the plaque, including use of the Trinity Knots, give it a deep Irish connection

■ The product features the standard measurements of a plate, with dimensions of 15.5cm in Length and 15cm in width

Blessings are forms of prayers, well-wishes or a message of hope common in Ireland, especially to the majority that prophase the Christian religion. The Irish are particularly a religious and pious people, and they try to exemplify their faith in their way of life. Blessings are part of the Irish people lives and are usually captured and displayed in artefacts showcased in houses, place of worship or workplaces. One of the most common objects that correctly and perfectly displays Irish blessings are plaques. If you have been looking to liven up your home, then set up a positive tone with our magnificent Irish Home Blessing Plaque.
Plaques have been in use in Ireland and across the globe for ages now. Messages can be inscribed and displayed on the plates, a perfect addition to a home or office décor. Plaques come in different sizes and shapes, and they are tools for artistic presentation and beauty. Our Irish Home Blessing Plaque showcases a unique, exquisite and marvellous piece of art, with a message of peace and good tidings displayed. The beautiful piece can serve as the perfect gift to a friend or family while serving as a lovely addition to your home collection of magnificent and outstanding artefacts. Our lovely piece of art stands out with elegant distinction that is contemplated by ornate Trinity Knots that adorn its four corners.
The masterpiece is bronze-plated, making it sturdy and durable. Bronze is a unique and strong element that has been in use for ages and is one of the most common metals used in ornaments and artefacts. The piece will be a perfect addition to any home, making it more lively, welcoming and exciting. The plaque blends perfectly with any surrounding and is ideal for any home setting. Displayed on the front and centre of the plaque is a beautiful Irish blessing script reading; “May peace and plenty bless your home, with joy that long endures, and may life’s passing seasons bring the best to you and yours.” The inscribed message gives hope and is a form of prayer which is touchy and unique. The Irish Home Blessing Plaque is a product of Royal Tara, a company renown for its beautiful, unique and exquisite product.
The excellent bone china company has been producing fascinating artefacts for over 50 years now and continues to set standards in this particular industry. The product is a result of dedicated, focused, experienced and skilled craftsmen at Royal Tara. Every little detail, every letter and wording featured on the plaque is carefully and entirely designed and styled to impress. Royal Tara has not disappointed with the production of the lovely Irish Home Blessing Plaque. The company, located at the buzzing and buzzing city of Galway in Ireland, continues to produce exquisite fine bone china for table and giftware, of which the marvellous Irish Home Blessing Plaque falls.