Mullingar Pewter

Mullingar Pewter Claddagh Wedding Flutes


■ Crafted using high-quality pewter, our two Irish wedding flutes are durable, tarnish and rust resistant, ensuring long-lasting elegance
■ The design showcases a suave, graceful shape decorated with a Claddagh, a cherished Irish symbol which represents love, friendship, and loyalty
■ Each flute measures 10” in height, being perfectly shaped and sized to make your special day even more special
■ The two flutes come packaged in a luxurious box, ready to be gifted to family and friends as a wedding or anniversary present


Make your wedding day extra special by enjoying it with a celebratory toast with these Mullingar Pewter Claddagh Wedding Flutes. These lovely flutes are made of pewter, a tin alloy known not only for its durability but also for its gorgeous luster. Unlike many other metals, pewter does not tarnish over time, making this flute set perfect for cherishing as a keepsake or heirloom.

These flutes each stand 10 inches high for a prominent display and feature a recreation of the Irish Claddagh near the top of the brim.

The Claddagh is an endearing symbol that is adored not only in its country of origin in Ireland but also all over the world. It features two majestically gloved hands representing people uniting in friendship as they reach toward each other to hold a heart of love. On top of the heart is a crown that symbolizes the loyalty that keeps loving friendships together.