Mullingar Pewter

Mullingar Pewter Whiskey Celtic Glass Set


■ Glass and Pewter - The pieces in this set are made of glass and decorated with pewter emblems that feature a circle made of 4 Trinity knots in an antique finish that adds a unique vintage touch.
■ Shot Glass Shape - The glasses in this set come in a classic cylindrical shot glass shape, with a thick bottom surface for a weighty feel in the hand
■ Capacity and Packaging - Each of the 2 glasses in this glass set has a capacity of about 6 fluid ounces. The set comes packaged in a gift box with a lovely satin blue insert.
■ Mullingar Pewter - This glass set is made in Ireland by the craftspeople of Mullingar Pewter, a reputable Irish brand that has been making beautiful pewter pieces since 1974.

B11GS T4

Unwind from a hard day of work in Celtic style with a taste of whiskey out of a glass from this Mullingar Pewter Whiskey Celtic Glass Set. These clear, sleek glasses are each adorned on the front with a pewter disc with an antique finish that gives this glass set a charming, vintage look. Featured on each disc is a circle made of 4 Trinity knots that create a striking, intricate design.

Trinity knots each feature 3 infinite, interlocking loops that symbolize the presence of the number 3, which Celts held sacred, in life and nature. With a volume capacity of approximately 6 fluid ounces, this set includes 2 glasses and comes packaged in an elegant gift box with a beautiful blue satin insert. Make this glass set a wonderful gift for friends or family!