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Mullingar Pewter Whiskey Glass Set Claddagh


■ Two-Piece Claddagh Whiskey Glass Set 
■ Pewter Claddagh Design
■ Mullingar Pewter Collection
■ Made in Ireland

B11GS Clad

There’s nothing like relaxing and enjoying a drink with a good friend, but it can be even more special with meaningful mementos like this Mullingar Pewter Claddagh Whiskey Glass Set. These clear, sleek glasses are each adorned on the front with a pewter disc with an antique finish that gives this glass set a charming, vintage flair.

Featured on each disc is an embossed replica of the Irish Claddagh emblem. The Claddagh emblem is named after the village it originated from in Galway, Ireland over four centuries ago. Beautifully illustrating the message of loving and loyal friendship, the Claddagh consists of two regally gloved hands uniting in friendship to hold a heart symbolizing love; sitting atop the heart is a crown representing loyalty.

This glass duo is full of heartwarming sentiment and culture that make it a truly one-of-a-kind set. It also comes packaged in an elegant box lined with gorgeous blue satin, making it ready to present as a thoughtful gift to a loving, loyal friend in your life.