Feadog Brass "D" whistle and Tutor Book with CD


■ Feadog Brass Whistle in the Key of "D"
■ Tutor Book and CD Included
■ Feadog Collection
■ Made in Ireland


Embrace the beauty of Irish music by experiencing it first hand with this Feadog Brass "D" whistle and Tutor Book with a CD. This Irish whistle is designed with a brass barrel and boasts an elegant metallic shine. As a traditional styled whistle, it plays in the key of D and has six finger holes and a plastic mouthpiece.

As a beginner-friendly Irish whistle package, this instrument comes with a comprehensive tutor book that offers step-by-step instruction with music notation and fingering for a collection of classic songs and dance airs.

Also included is an accompanying CD for more detailed guidance in learning how to play this instrument. Around since about the 1840s, Irish whistles are classified as a class of woodwind instruments called fipple flutes. They were originally made of tin and use to sell for a penny apiece in stores, also earning them the common name of “penny whistles.”

Make this fun Irish whistle set a hobby for yourself or a gift for young children!