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Highland Cow Scottish Kids Soft Toy

$28.90 - $37.00

■ Lovely plush made from 100% polyester, a resistant, lightweight, and flexible material that ensures your little one will enjoy this piece for years to come.

■ The design celebrates the highland cow, which is an emblem of Scotland. This cute animal with distinctive horns and a long wooly coat is known for its gentle temperament, loved by all in the Highlands.

■ This 12-inch toy will accompany your young one throughout his first years and will surely bring smiles to your home.

■ This plush is machine washable, but we recommend cool tumble drying it to keep it in its best condition. 


If you are looking for a plush friend for your little one, or wish to make a Scottish- inspired gift, choose our Large Highland Brown Coo Cow. It is made from 100% polyester, a flexible and lightweight material, so your young one can play with this toy for a long time, without worries of tears.

Designed in the shape of a Highland cow, the toy celebrates Scottish heritage. This distinct type of cow is known for its friendliness and cute appearance, with long wool and horns, this toy will remind your cuties of Scotland’s fauna. This item is perfect for inspiring your kids to understand and celebrate the vast culture of Scotland. Measuring approximately 12 inches, this plush is the perfect size to accompany your little one on his daily activities, including naps and play dates.

Whether you are searching for an adorable companion for your little one, or wish to make a gift inspired by Scottish culture, this Cow plush is a great option. This Highland cow toy is machine washable, but make sure you cool- tumble it only, to maintain it in its best condition.