Malham Ireland Bottle Green Half Zip Hoodie


■ This exceptional rugby shirt is expertly crafted from a luxurious blend of super soft polyester and cotton, a blend ensures comfort, durability, and breathability. 
■ Setting this hoodie apart, its front features an asymmetrical half-zipper design that enhances its style while also offering practicality. 
■ Adding an extra touch of charm, the word "Ireland" is meticulously embroidered underneath the zipper, a subtle yet proud representation of your origins. 
■ Adorning the left part of the shirt is a captivating embroidery of the four provinces' coat of arms of Ireland, a detailing evoking a sense of unity and heritage. 
■ Designed in Ireland, this shirt captures the essence of Irish style, values, and craftsmanship 



This eye-catching Ireland Bottle Green Half Zip Hoodie from Malham is made from a super soft polyester-cotton blend that is guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable whenever you wear it. The rich green base color is perfectly Irish, but what makes this hoodie stand out is the asymmetrical half zip with “Ireland” embroidered in contrast white underneath for a clever reveal. Over the left breast, the coat of arms for each of the four provinces is embroidered in detailed color.

Founded in Dublin in 1987, Malham is a world leader in contemporary Irish and Scottish sports apparel and souvenir clothing. With a broad range of high-quality apparel that draws inspiration from sports, culture, and history, Malham is committed to ensuring the memory of heritage lives on through their durable and hard-wearing garments and accessories.