Ireland Retro Jacket


■ This Irish jacket is crafted from a blend of 52% cotton and 48% polyester, a durable material blend that ensures comfortable and durable wear. 
■ The jacket boasts an Ireland lettering applique, an intricate element that speaks to your Irish pride, being meticulously embroidered with double-outline. 
■ The classic double neckline is complemented by the inclusion of a YKK zipper and 2 pockets on the side. 
■ Authentically made in Ireland, this shirt brings an Irish touch, reflecting the country's culture, history, and craftsmanship.



This Ireland Retro Jacket from Malham lets you wear a timeless design and show off your Irish pride all at the same time. With white piping at the sleeves and a contrast white YKK quality zipper, you’ll want to wear this jacket more than just St. Patrick’s Day. Made from a durable cotton/poly blend and available in a rick, deep navy with a stand up collar, this jacket is the perfect wardrobe addition for someone who thinks they don’t need another Irish layer.

Founded in Dublin in 1987, Malham is a world leader in contemporary Irish and Scottish sports apparel and souvenir clothing. With a broad range of high-quality apparel that draws inspiration from sports, culture, and history, Malham is committed to ensuring the memory of heritage lives on through their durable and hard-wearing garments and accessories.

Machine washable 52% cotton / 48% polyester blend. Sizes M – XXXL.