Rhodium Trinity Knot Brooch


■ Made of Rhodium
■ Made by Solvar in Ireland
■ Trinity Knot Design
■ 1.5" in diameter
■ Solvar Jewelry


This gorgeous, intricate Trinity Knot brooch from Solvar Jewelry is made from gleaming rhodium, in Dublin, Ireland by Solvar. Solvar Ltd. is a family-owned Irish company that has been crafting beautiful artisanal Irish-made jewelry in the heart of Dublin since 1941. Stories of Irish and Celtic cultural elements are told through their products. The brooch is made with care, meticulous attention to detail, and unrivaled authenticity.
The pretty brooch measures slightly under 1.5 inches across and has a pin fastening with a safety catch. It is the perfect Irish accessory and a lovely gift for any dear one with Irish or Celtic roots! Made from 100% fine rhodium, it guarantees long-lasting durability, especially if taken properly care of. You can wash your rhodium jewelry by soaking it in water for 10 minutes and then gently removing any dirt with your fingers or a soft cloth. Please avoid abrasive or harsh materials and chemicals by any means.
The Trinity knot is a Celtic symbol and its symbolism is varied. It has been used as a motif in most of the existing religions and has different meanings. In Christianity, the knot represents the Holy Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, being a symbol of the human connection to spirituality. This simple, yet meaningful design makes our earrings perfect for anyone who wishes to celebrate their heritage and spiritual journey.