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Celtic Leather Bracelet


■ Intricate Celtic knots engraved on pewter, representing interconnectivity
■ Made from genuine leather, braided in a beautiful pattern that catches the eye
■ Features a rust-resistance, secure pewter clasp so you can easily put it on
■ Is 0.3” thick, comes in 3 sizes as follows: S-M: 7.75", L: 8.5", and XL: 9" long


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Looking for a meaningful, durable, and elegant bracelet that celebrates Celtic traditions? Our Celtic Leather Bracelet has got you covered. Since it features pewter-engraved, intricate knotwork, this piece ensures you’ll carry the beliefs of the Celts everywhere you go. These infinitely intertwining loops symbolize the connection between all living things in the universe. Isn’t it beautiful? The Celtic nations were known for their commitment to nature and one another. With our bracelet you will preserve their cultural heritage. But wait - there’s more. We’ve selected sturdy materials for this piece, ensuring it withstands the test of time.

The stunning braided length of the bracelet is crafted of genuine leather that will develop a gorgeous patina over the years - it will literally age like fine wine. The clasp and parts where the Celtic knots are displayed, are made of pewter, a rust resistant material appreciated by jewelry makers for its durability. To guarantee you’ll find the right Celtic bracelet for your wrist, we offer three sizes: M to L, sized at 7.75” in length, L at 8.5” in length, and XL at 9” in length. All bracelets are 0.3” in width. So what are you waiting for? Get a matching piece for your loved one, too, and celebrate the ways of the Celts!