Celtic Cross Men's Pendant


■ This gorgeous pendant has been skilfully crafted from the finest .925 Sterling Silver, which is elegant and durable 
■ The Celtic cross design features intricate Celtic knotwork detailing, reflecting the rich Celtic heritage and artistry 
■ The pendant measures 1.6″ in height and 1.08″ in width and comes with an 18″ sterling silver chain 
■ The pendant and chain are packaged in a lovely branded box, which makes them an excellent ready-to-give gift 

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Celebrate your heritage with our beautiful Irish pendant. Crafted from highly durable sterling silver, this pendant was designed to withstand wear and tear and last you for many years to come. Sterling silver has a radiant luster and a polished appearance that make the intricate design stand out nicely. The design showcases a Celtic cross shape with beautifully intertwined Celtic Knotwork. The Celtic Cross is a symbol that has a lot of historical and cultural significance in Ireland because it combines elements of both Christianity and Celtic tradition. According to a popular Irish legend, St. Patrick combined the Christian cross with the Celtic sun wheel to create the Celtic cross. By incorporating the sun wheel into the Christian cross, he was trying to bridge the gap between the old and new religious beliefs, so that the pagans would accept the Christian religion more easily. The Celtic cross design is adorned with Celtic knotwork, a decorative motif consisting of continuous lines that are intricately woven together to form various patterns and shapes. The Celtic Knot is a beautiful reminder of the interconnectedness of all things in nature. The design instills a sense of significance and timeless beauty into this gorgeous pendant, making it an excellent accessory!