For a polished look that’s uniquely yours, cufflinks are always the answer. We especially love our collection of Men’s Irish cufflinks for that Celtic flair. We have a diverse array of designs that will suit every kind of personality and style out there.

Find the best Irish cufflinks for you

Amateur Irish historian? The gorgeous Trinity knot cufflinks are perfect.
Romantic? The Irish Claddagh cufflinks traditionally symbolize love, loyalty and friendship and are perfect for any wedding.
Want some cheeky flair? The shamrock cufflinks are both lucky and adorable.
Stout fan? (Who isn’t?) The Guinness cufflinks are sure to garner you lots of compliments.

Irish Claddagh Cufflinks’s collection of men’s cufflinks has a wide range of Irish designs, including the Claddagh and the Celtic knot in its various forms. The Claddagh design is one of Ireland’s more recent (relatively speaking) national symbols. Comprised of two hands holding a crown-topped heart, it symbolizes love in all its forms and all its manifestations. The hands represent friendship, the heart signifies love, and the crown symbolizes loyalty, the three aspects combining to form a circle, indicating the eternal nature of love and life

Celtic Knot Cufflinks

The Celtic knot is also a treasured Irish form, unique to Ireland. Irish monks used to illuminate their religious manuscripts with artwork that could more elegantly illustrate the themes of the texts they were transcribing to a population where reading and writing were restricted only to the highest of classes. The Celtic knot proliferated in this era, and was an easy symbol to understand, signifying the eternal nature of the universe and the interconnectivity of all within the known world. It is at once a knot that can never be untied and can never be tied because, in the real world, knots must have beginnings and ends. But in art, a trick of the pen can more deeply capture the philosophy of the infinite.

Trinity Knot Cufflinks

Out of this design arose the Trinity knot, so called for its three points, which eventually came to represent the Christian Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But this was only after the island’s conversion to Christianity. Prior to that, the trinity knot represented the ancient beliefs that all life was composed of earth, water, and air, as well as the personal trinity of mind, body, and soul. The trinity knot is one of Ireland’s most recognizable symbols and is as much a secular reference to an ancient druidic past, as a contemporary representation of religious devotion.

Iconic Guinness Cufflinks for Men

Our small range of Guinness cufflinks brings our collection to the resolutely modern. As official Guinness merchandise, these men’s cufflinks show off a whimsical side of whoever wears them, whether you’re wearing the perfect pints of Guinness, or the trademark vintage Guinness Extra Stout logo.
Guinness Pint Fun Cufflinks- for anyone who wants to catch the eye these pearl cufflinks are the option to go. These cufflinks represents miniature recreations of glass pints of classic Guinness, complete with the rich, black color of the beer and the signature layer of cream-colored foam at the brim, polished off with a glossy finish and silver-toned accents.
Guinness Toucan Cufflinks- if you want to add some colors and cheer to your look these guinness cufflinks are ideal. Made of a dazzling silver-toned metal, these cufflinks feature the outstanding Guinness toucan, with him showing off his beautifully colorful orange, red and blue.
Guinness Silver Antique Cufflinks- for more formal outfits look no further than these irish cufflinks. Durable and Sturdy these cufflinks are made from zinc alloy with a flat and shiny oval face emblazoned with a classic Guinness Extra Stout label.

How and Why to wear Irish Cufflinks?

Cufflinks harken back to a time of greater formality in men’s fashion, when shirts were sold without collars and cuffs. These accessories had to be literally linked to the base shirt, thus, the cufflink was born. Today, French cuff shirts are a hallmark of high-class fashion, and only the most formal of shirts have them. Yet within that formality, the cufflink offers one of the formal man’s rare occasions to show off personal style and wear some jewelry. There’s nothing quite like pulling up your jacket sleeve to reveal a startling cufflink that will be the talking point of the evening wherever you are. And without signature Irish Celtic cufflinks, you’ll never run out of talking points, especially for someone who knows a thing or two about Ireland.
Perhaps a gift for your groomsmen for the bachelor party?
We’re not promising immediate style elevation with these cufflinks, that comes with a tailored French cuff dress shirt, but for those of you looking to expand your jewelry horizons, men’s Irish cufflinks are a time-honored gift and treasure.

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  • Oval Gold Plated Cufflinks with Claddagh Shape Design

    Gold Plated Oval Claddagh Cufflinks

  • Gold Plated Cufflinks with Trinity Knot Shape Design


  • Oval Gold Plated Cufflinks with Claddagh Shape Design Tara Jewelry Box

    Gold Plated Oval Claddagh Cufflinks

    These handsome Claddagh cufflinks from Solvar are plated with gold, which beautifully glimmers in the light. Simultaneously elegant yet whimsical, the cufflinks add that perfect touch of Irish charm to any outfit. The Claddagh is a famous Irish symbol,...

  • Gold Plated Cufflinks with Trinity Knot Shape Design Tara Jewelry Box


    These Gold Plated Cuff Link Trinity Knot will elevate your outfit with a delicate touch of Irish charm and elegance. Crafted with precision, our cufflinks are plated with gold, not only imparting a dazzling sheen but also ensuring an enduring quality...

  • S6449 Rhodium Plated Trinity Knot Cufflinks Tara Jewelry Box

    Rhodium Plated Trinity Knot Cufflinks

    These handsome Celtic Knot cufflinks from Solvar are rhodium-plated, which gives them a stunningly bright and shiny appearance and makes them perfect for everyday wear. Simultaneously elegant yet whimsical, the cufflinks are 3/4" wide and 7/8" tall and...

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