Celtic Cross Round Silver Pendant


■ Our pendant is meticulously crafted from .925 Sterling Silver, a highly-durable and resistant material that offers the jewelry long-lasting use and lifelong shine. 
■ The sophisticated High Cross design pays tribute to the rich Celtic heritage, being intricately adorned with Knotwork detailing inspired by the Book of Kells. 
■ The Celtic Cross is a beautiful representation of faith and a true reflection of Celtic hope, symbolizing knowledge, strength, compassion, and infinite love. 
■ This exquisite pendant measures 1.37” in height, comes with an 18” sterling silver chain, and is packed in a box, ready to be offered as a culturally-inspired gift to a loved one. 

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Radiate brightly with this exquisite Irish pendant. Meticulously crafted from .925 Sterling Silver, this piece of jewelry is highly-durable, resistant, and strong, guaranteed to offer you long-lasting use and lifelong shine and beauty. The pendant features a High Cross design which pays tribute to the rich Celtic Heritage. High Crosses mark the presence of a holy place, being found throughout Ireland on old monastic sites. They are beautiful representations of faith and reflections of the genuine hope deeply embedded in the Celtic culture. The four arms of the Cross embody a complex symbolism that refers to the four cardinal directions, the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, and the four parts out of which a human being is made: mind, soul, body, and heart. The center ring of the Celtic Cross is said to be evocative of infinite love. Moreover, ornate Celtic Knotwork beautifully completes the design of the pendant alluding to the interconnectivity of all living things. The pendant measures 1.37” in height and comes with an 18” chain. Additionally, the set is packed in a gift box, ready to be offered as a genuine present to a loved one.