Traditional Craft

Irish Dancer Girls T-Shirt


■ Crafted from 100% cotton, a breathable material with great heat-insulating properties, so your little one will be comfortable and stylish all day.

■ Designed with a cute character in a dress and glitter -printed advice on “How to become an Irish dancer”, a lovely message for your kid to wear.

■ Adorned with traditional Irish shamrocks, elements associated with Saint Patrick, representing the Holy Trinity.

■ Features short sleeves with frilled edges that offer a fun and elegant look, perfect for styling in a variety of outfits.

■ Part of the Traditional Craft Official Collection. We recommend washing this piece in warm water, up to 86°F. 



Our Mint Green Frill Irish Dancer Kids T-Shirt is a whimsical addition to any kid’s wardrobe, whether they enjoy dancing or Irish culture. This piece is made from 100% breathable and lightweight cotton, ensuring comfort for your young one, even in intense dance routines. The frilled short sleeves add volume and create a stunning visual effect that will surely capture everyone’s attention. This piece is special since it comes with inscribed advice on “How to become an Irish dancer”. The step-by-step guide on how to perfect the art of the Irish dance includes: wearing a big smile and having fun, as seen around the cute character in the center. Featuring traditional shamrocks, as symbols of the Holy Trinity, this piece is a celebration of Irish heritage. We recommend washing the shirt in warm water, up to 86°F. Enjoy this Traditional Craft Collection piece for many years to come!