Connemara Marble Celtic Knot Necklace


■ Crafted of rhodium, this piece of jewelry will keep its durability and shine for many years to come

■ Featuring an authentic Connemara Marble stone, also known as Ireland’s national gem

■ The design incorporates a Celtic Trinity Knot that stands for eternity, unity, and loyalty

■ Authentically made and designed in Ireland with high attention to detail

■ The pendant measures 3/4" on an 18-20" adjustable chain


Wear your heritage in style with our Connemara Marble Celtic Knot Necklace. This piece of jewelry is finely crafted in Ireland using rhodium, a high-quality metal that has great longevity and rust resistance. Besides that, this rhodium necklace is resistant to scratches and scrapes and has an unmatched sheen - it will keep its shine for many years to come. To maintain it in its finest form, keep it away from moisture and sun exposure. This necklace celebrates the Irish Celtic heritage through its culturally-inspired design. It features a genuine Connemara Marble stone, often regarded as Ireland’s national gem. Connemara marble dates back over 900 million years and is one of the rarest and most exquisite marble in the world. Its vivid colors and shades of green make each gemstone unique - you can truly see the natural and wild sceneries of Ireland in them. The Celtic Trinity Knot or Triquetra is a symbol of eternity, unity, and never-ending love and has a strong connection to the Holy Trinity in Christianity. Our jewelry will make a heartwarming gift for anyone who takes pride in their cultural background.