Silver, Gold and Diamonds Trinity & Claddagh Pendant


■ This beautiful necklace was hand-made in the heart of the Emerald Isle itself, with finishing touches added by a team of true Irish artisans.
■ Materials used in the crafting of this stunning piece include real sterling silver, 10k yellow gold, and authentic white diamond.
■ Dainty and delicate, yet just large enough to grab the eye of many a future admirer, this pendant portion of this necklace measures a neat 13mm by 25mm.
■ The world-renowned Claddagh symbol features a heart, for love, a pair of hands, for friendship, and a crown, for undying loyalty.
■ One of the oldest and most mysterious symbols of Irish artwork, the Celtic knot adds the perfect historical element to this already-gorgeous piece.


For an authentically Irish addition to any jewelry box that exudes class and elegance, look no further than this stunning Claddagh Celtic Trinity knot necklace. Beautifully combining several aspects of traditional Irish artwork and culture, this piece is the ideal gift for any woman in your life with a special place in her heart for all things pertaining to the Emerald Isle… especially if that woman just happens to be you!

Made from premium materials such as sterling silver, 10k yellow gold, and glistening white diamond, this gorgeous necklace is the perfect accessory for adding a touch of glamor to any outfit, be it casual, business-orientated, or even formal. Hanging from a delicate 18-inch chain, it looks fantastic with a neckline of any shape or depth, and the eye-catching yet neutral metal tones are ideal for complementing an ensemble of any color scheme or pattern. No matter where your wear this piece, it’s guaranteed to draw in words of admiration like nothing you’ve ever seen.

For hundreds of years, the Claddagh symbol has been recognized both in Ireland and beyond as a signifier of some of the country’s most important values. This brand icon is composed of three primary features: first, there’s a heart, which is symbolic of both romantic and platonic love; then, there are the pair of hands which clasp it, which signify the importance of everlasting friendship; and finally, there’s the crown, which sits proudly atop them both, reminding the viewer of the power of enduring loyalty. Together, these three elements are guaranteed to keep any wearer of this necklace on a life path they’ll be happy and proud to walk!

Also featured on this lovely necklace above the Claddagh symbol is a stunning Celtic Trinity knot symbol, tying the whole look of the pendant together with a classically Irish flair. For hundreds of years, the Celtic knot has been considered by historians to be one of the most beautiful and mysterious symbols used in ancient Irish artwork. Many variations appear all over the country, from the surface of standing stone Celtic crosses to the pages of the Book of Kells, an ancient Irish illuminated manuscript from the early 9th century (still on view, as a matter of fact, in the library at Trinity College, Dublin!). This particular version of the Celtic knot is made distinctive by its three separate points. Also known as the triquetra in Latin, the Trinity knot is theorized to have once been used as a signifier of the perfect balance of power between three godlike forces; in the world of the ancient Celts, this trinity might have been the feminine energies of the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone; in Christianity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; and among naturalists, the natural forces of air, earth, and water. No matter which triad you most associate with this mystical symbol, you’re guaranteed to love the sense of power you get by wearing it with you wherever you go.

Made in Ireland by a team of true artisan jewelry-makers, this necklace is as authentic an Irish gift as they come. Whether you surprise the woman in your life with it as a gift for Christmas, her birthday, or even “just because,” she’s guaranteed to never forget the jaw-dropping moment that she first laid eyes on it. So, what are you waiting for? Treat her to the ultimate Irish accessory today!