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Gold Plated Pendant Engraved Celtic Cross 25mm on a Chain


■ Gold Plated Pendant
■ Celtic Cross Pendant
■ 18" Gold Plated Chain Included
■ Solvar Jewelry Collection
■ Made in Ireland


Celtic Crosses have a special place in Celtic history, not only for their undeniable beauty, but also for their deep significance in Christianity. This Celtic Cross Pendant wonderfully replicates this beauty with exquisite detail that incorporates Caeltic Knot patterns. Adorning each of the four limbs of the cross are Celtic Knot braids, whose ropes intertwine without end to signify eternal love.

The halo that surrounds the middle of the cross represents eternity and oneness. This pendant is gold-plated, giving it a refined touch that makes it great for both formal and casual looks.

Chain Height (Inches) Width (Inches) Height (Mm) Width (Mm)
 18'' GOLD PLATED 1 1/2   5/8 38 16