Sterling Silver St. Brigid Cross Necklace


■ St. Brigid's Cross Design
■ Crafted from Hallmarked Sterling Silver
■ Handmade in Ireland
■ Product of Solvar Jewelry
■ Dimensions: 25 mm x 22 mm with 18in rolo chain

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A classic pendant from Solvar, this Sterling Silver St. Brigid Cross Necklace is a beautiful Irish gift.

St. Brigid's cross is a uniquely Irish symbol and is traditionally woven from reeds or other natural material in honor of St. Brigid every February 1, also known as the Feast of St. Brigid. St. Brigid herself is Ireland's other patron saint and is credited with continuing the worl of St. Patrick in converting the pagan Irish chiefs to Christianity. Legend has it that she wove the first of what would be called the St. Brigid's cross for an Irish chief on his deathbead, thus inspiring his conversion to Catholicism. Today, the crosses are woven in her honor and are thought to protect the home from harm.

This necklace is made from hallmarked sterling silver, verified at Dublin Castle for authenticity and quality. The pendant measures 25mm x 22mm and 18in. sterling silver rolo chain. Made in Ireland.