Silver Connemara Marble Marcasite Celtic Cross Pendant


■ Durable and lustrous pendant that is made in Ireland using sterling silver 
■ Culturally significant design featuring a sacred Celtic High Cross 
■ Adorned with Connemara Marble, one of Ireland's ancient treasures, and Marcasite 
■ Pendant measures 1.2" x 0.9" and comes with an 18" sterling silver chain 
■ Keep this piece in a dry space, away from humidity and sun exposure 

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Our Silver Connemara Marble Marcasite Celtic Cross Pendant will help you add a cultural signature to any look. Crafted with qualitative sterling silver and finely decorated with natural gemstones, this pendant is not only durable and resistant to corrosion but also luxurious-look and shiny. It is beautifully adorned with Connemara Marble, which is often regarded as one of Ireland’s enduring treasures as it was formed on Irish land over 600 million years ago. The Celtic Cross design adds a sense of holiness and sacredness to your daily life, being one of the most admired symbols in Ireland. You can wear this sparkling jewelry as soon as you get it, as it comes with a sturdy 18’’ chain. For the best results, keep the pendant in a dry space. Our sterling silver piece will effortlessly uplift any look.